Hope is the Path.

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Walks for hospitality.

#CaminosDeHospitalidad is an initiative whose aim is to develop a culture of solidarity and inclusion with people who are forced to migrate. To leave prejudice behind and build a fraternal culture of hope as well as encounters with other cultures.

Your involvement means hope for thousands of people seeking a future of dignity and peace. Join Paths of Hospitality. Because hope is the path.

There are many paths that migrants and refugees are forced to take. Situations of violence and armed conflict, poverty and inequality, climate change and a lack of access to resources to make a living mean that over 108 million people around the world are displaced. Of these, more than 26 million are refugees in countries that are not their own.

Europe is facing a key turning point with the adoption of a Pact on Migration and Asylum that puts complying with human rights on its external borders at risk. In other regions – in North, Central and South America – barriers and walls have been put up to stop people fleeing from horrors from building a life plan. Via #CaminosdeHospitalidad we want to bring about a future of hope.

Hope is the Path.

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Our Manifesto

We need policies that guarantee a welcome and protection for forcibly displaced people. Check out the proposals we have put forward to government representatives.

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Want to walk?

Here are 10 inspiring ways of walking for hospitality and jumpstarting your own initiative of hope.

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With just a small contribution you can collaborate with Hospitality’s network for welcoming and accompanying refugees.

Million people around the world are displaced.

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Paths in the World.

We join forces worldwide to walk for hospitality and hope. The Jesuit Refugee Service Europe (JRS Europe), the Jesuit Network for Migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean (RJM LAC) and its Campaign for Hospitality, and the International Federation of Fe y Alegría have joined the #CaminosdeHospitalidad initiative spearheaded by the Jesuit Social Sector’s Hospitality campaign in Spain. 


Check out all the Paths of Hospitality events to be held in different parts of the world.

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We want to bring about a future of hope.

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