Paths in the world.

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For the Society of Jesus, forced migration has been a global priority of our apostolic work for decades.

Within the diverse responses and approaches, Hospitality has emerged and been recognised as a central and cross-cutting factor, not only with regard to Jesuit action, but particularly when it comes to the interaction between migrants and transit communities and destinations. The various Hospitality initiatives implemented at Conferences in Europe and the Americas have taught us how to make our action – with its different faces and perspectives – become a reality.

All the Jesuit Conferences are involved in the GIAN (Global Ignatian Advocacy Network) framework for Migration, where the idea of joint action is encouraged. We are finally opening the door to this global action to raise awareness about Hospitality, because Hospitality empowers our Hope, and Hope is the Path.

Human migration is a reality and a global phenomenon. That’s why the activities organised by Paths of Hospitality take place in different parts of the world as a show of support for fraternity and hope that are rooted in hospitality.

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15th June 2024

Hospitality Walk Madrid

  • Information and registration here

15th June 2024

Caminata Hospitalidad Gran Canaria

16th June 2024

Caminata Hospitalidad Tenerife (fecha tentativa)

22 o 29 junio

Caminata Hospitalidad Vigo

The Paths of Hospitality initiative is inspired by the Hospitality campaign based on the work of the Jesuit Social Sector in Spain together with the Jesuit Refugee Service Europe (JRS Europe), the Jesuit Network for Migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean (RJM LAC) and its Campaign for Hospitality; and the International Federation of Fe y Alegría.
Bruselas 2023
Budapest 2023
Croacia 2023
Durango 2023
Gran Canarias 2023
Madrid 2023
Vigo 2023
Valladolid 2022
Loiola 2022
Burgos 2022
Gran Canaria 2022
Córdoba 2022
Santiago 2021
Córdoba 2021
Gran Canaria 2021
Burgos 2021
Madrid 2020
Nador 2020
Valencia 2019
Valladolid 2019
Córdoba 2019
Galicia 2019
Madrid 2019
Loiola 2019
Asturias 2018
Galicia 2018
Loiola 2018
Sevilla 2018

We want to bring about a future of hope.

Foto  © Sergi Cámara
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