Acceptance and accompaniment of migrants and refugees are at the very heart of our work as social sector, being present in all our activities; they are also crucial to generate changes and processes in favour of solidarity and inclusion.

We want to expand and strengthen our society’s reception capacity. Many migrants and refugees are left in a vulnerable position or are not adequately covered by the asylum system. Therefore, our proposed response is focused on both refugees included in European quotas and those people fleeing wars, persecution, deprivation or environmental disasters; the latter may be having difficulties to access the official systems and resources for reception, are included on a waiting list or belong to other vulnerable groups, including unaccompanied minors, trafficked women, undocumented/illegal immigrants and people in transit.

Our proposal is aimed at creating a reception network to accompany processes of social inclusion.

Reception guides


01 / Host communities or families

hosting an individual or a family for three to six months by average. These people become members of the family on equal basis, and they should not be treated as being provided a service.

02 / Shelter in empty houses, parish facilities or other facilities

used for entire families when suitable. In these cases, mentors will strengthen support and accompaniment.

03 / Emergency shelter

designed for people who need a place to stay one or two nights on their way to other places, or people who need shelter for a short period of time until their applications for official systems are processed.

We welcome you to these people ,
give them a warm welcome and offer our support


The work carried out by both the organizations of the Social Apostolate of the Society of Jesus and our volunteers is aimed at supporting people who arrive to our community, through social support programmes, legal, psychological and educational support, healthcare, training and employment guidance and coverage of their basic needs.

Relationships are one of the key components of integration processes. Our reception efforts are designed to strengthen the social networks of people coming to Spain, in order to promote their empowerment and integration. It is therefore essential that refugees are involved in the activities and networks of host communities.

We count on you to host these people, warmly welcome them and give them our support. If you want to be involved, please leave us your details and we will contact you.


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