International Migrants Day: Forgotten conflicts in Central America, invisible stories

On this International Migrants Day, celebrated on the 18th December, the Hospitalidad campaign wants to give a voice and visibility to Central American migrants fleeing their countries, where the climate of widespread violence and persecution by the state has made it impossible for them to live in peace.

We recently published the communiqué “Invisible Caravans”, which warned of the invisibility suffered by Central American migrants, who exist well away from the media’s focus, the migrant caravan.  In this document, Hospitalidad analyses the social situation in Honduras, a country where the high rate of unemployment and poverty, government corruption, the proliferation of organised gangs, and the lack of future prospects in a violent climate pushed thousands of people to leave the country. We also look into the reasons behind these migratory influxes, analyse the response of the Mexican, US and Spanish governments and make five proposals to not forget ‘the other invisible caravans’:

  • Humanitarian aid and protection to Central American migrants.
  • Get to the root of the problem: Analyse causes and causers.
  • Change the Spanish asylum system.
  • Promote a culture of Hospitalidad (Hospitality) between peoples and individuals.
  • Think of migration as an opportunity and a right.



On this International Migrants Day, we bring you José’s story, a Honduran migrant, and Tony, a Nicaraguan. Both arrived in Spain fleeing places where violence and threats to your physical integrity are an everyday reality.  Madrid’s Centro Padre Rubio helped them look for work, and in processes of social integration, including training courses and legal assistance.  Their ‘invisibilised’ story is part of a series of forgotten conflicts: Those in the Northern Triangle of Central America: Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras.

A story of rule of law that collapses in the face of widespread corruption and violence, of forgotten conflicts.  Invisible stories of migrants who, faced with the impossibility of staying in their country and fleeing to other countries like Mexico, the US or Costa Rica, where the journey is equally, if not more, dangerous, arrive in Spain looking for a project for the future, looking to live in peace and tranquility.  Because behind the figures of migrants on the move, there are stories that deserve to be seen.




This English translation has been possible thanks to the PerMondo project: Free translation of website and documents for non-profit organisations. A project managed by Mondo Agit. Translator: Phoebe Thomas