The Loyola Senior College continues its involvement with the Hospitality Campaign

Hospitality’s touring exhibition ‘Somos Migrantes’ has been on display throughout October at the Colegio Mayor Loyola. The aim has been to spread and raise awareness among the pupils and visitors who pass through the centre’s doors every day about one of the greatest issues of our time, which directly affects 3.5% of the world’s population, with 250 million people in the world forced to live outside of their country of origin.


To conclude the exhibition, the Colegio Mayor organised a gathering, presented by Mariana Morales from the Hospitality Project in Madrid, and Joseph, an African migrant who spoke about his impressive fight for life, arriving in Madrid from his country of birth in Cameroon after crossing through Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, The Strait… in order to continue this awareness campaign, on 24th November, Fonfo Alonso-Lasheras sj, who was the pastoralist for the Colegio Mayor over the past two years,  visited the Loyola  to share his experience of the last 10 months in the district of Bellvitge (L’Hospitalet) and in the Migra Studium Foundation (Fundación Migra Studium) in Barcelona.

In the same vein, the Loyola has renewed its agreement with the Hospitality Project, with whom it had already collaborated last year after receiving a refugee boy, meaning the continuation of their collaboration this year.

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