Solidarity meal and people’s march for Hospitality

To raise support for the Hospitality Campaign, ALBOAN, the Colegio San Ignacio and the Centro Loyola Pamplona (Pamplona Loyola Centre) organised a solidarity meal. The day began at 12pm with a solidarity march from San Ignacio school to the old bus station, during which over 1,000 participants demanded that the institutions listen to the voice of the people and begin to respond to the situation which sees thousands of refugees risk their lives every day. After the march, the kids took part in painting, balloon-making, Fair Trade and other exciting workshops which were organised by ALBOAN.


Afterwards at 2pm Jesuits Ángel Ortiz de Orbina, director of the Centro Loyola, and Mateo Aguirre, deputy director of ALBOAN, addressed the group of over 400 people who were present, and these speeches were then followed by the solidarity meal.

After the food there was a raffle draw, the main prize being a basket of Fair Trade products, and we enjoyed the music of the eight-person choir ‘Voces de los burgos’ and the group ‘Los Habituales’. Throughout the day there was a real spirit of comradeship and togetherness and this ambience continued into the evening.


All the money raised, both from the food and from the other activities, went towards the Servicio Jesuita a Refugiados (Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS)) in Greece, which offers emergency aid and social integration to refugees and forced migrants.


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