It is not just about migrants: World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2019

This coming Sunday 29 September we will once again be celebrating World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2019. The theme this year is ‘it is not just about migrants’, as announced by Pope Francis in his address last May. Taking place in September this time, it is, as always, an occasion for expressing concern for the many different groups of vulnerable people on the move, for praying for them in the challenges they face, and for raising awareness about the opportunities migration offers.

As noted by the Secretary for the Comisión Episcopal de Migraciones (the Episcopal Commission on Migration), José Luis Pinilla SJ, this day seeks to raise awareness about the reception given to migrants and refugees, who ‘do not threaten us, but help and enrich us. We must both eradicate and prevent situations of vulnerability and the neglect of Human Rights’.

Six key messages acompany the main theme of the day: it is not just about migrants, but about everyone, our fears, our humanity, charity, inclusivity, and the Kingdom of God, where last shall be first.

A number of religious bodies and organisations, as well as groups and alliances, including our campaign Hospitalidad (Hospitality), are joining in the Vatican’s call to celebrate and recognise this day. The Vatican’s Migrants and Refugees Section has released a series of visual and textual aids in support. In Spain, the Comisión Episcopal de Migraciones of the Conferencia Episcopal (Episcopal Conference) has created a dedicated page with all the details for the day. The Red Migrantes con Derechos (Network for Migrants with Rights), of which this organisation is a part, along with Cáritas, CONFER and Justicia y Paz (Justice and Peace), has also recommended a series of activities for raising awareness all across the country in the week of 29 September.

Click here to see the recommendations for raising awareness for WDMR 2019. 

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