The reality of Migration and Borders in Asturias

The Hospitality Committee of the Local Apostolic Platform (PAL) in Asturias organised the second ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION ON MIGRATIONS AND BORDERS on Thursday 7th February, as part of the awareness campaigns taking place throughout the year.

This second roundtable discussion was held in the Great Hall at the University of Oviedo, where Keita Famazon from Mali and Daniel Díaz from Columbia spoke about their personal experiences and integration into Asturian society.  They were joined by Francisco José Villaverde, Director of the Asturian Agency for Cooperation, and David Alonso, a specialist in international cooperation and Director of People and Organisation at the NGO Entreculturas.  Francisco Javier Alexandre, from the Asturias Hospitality Committee, acted as the moderator.

Hearing Keita Famanzon´s story of his journey from Mali to the Canary Islands and then to Asturias, along with the Colombian Daniel Díaz´s story and the volunteering projects that he, now a Spanish resident, has with South American countries, gave the audience a closer insight into the migration problem.  Testimonies from migrant citizens in Oviedo during the “questions from the audience” section further raised everyone´s awareness about the reality of migration today.

This Spanish – English translation was done by the translator Emily Wallace and the proofreader Phoebe Thomas for the PerMondo project that involves providing free translations for NGOs. This initiative is sponsored and run by the translation agency Mondo Agit