New place of refuge from Hospitality in Valencia

The programme known as Hospitality, which is based in Valencia, began to develop with the certainty that this initiative belonged to all of the people in the city that are linked to la Compañía.

In the last three years, the shelter homes project, created by the SJM Valencia technical team, has managed to grow in the number of volunteers, resources and sheltered people.

Foto: Kristóf Hölvényi / JRS

#WeAreaLandofWelcoming (#SomosTierraAcogida) is also #WeWelcomeEnCompañía (AcogemosEnCompañía) because the project sustains itself with volunteers and financial support from friendly people from la Compañía de Jesús (and that of the Province). Also, because it would not be possible without the allocation of places on behalf of the Apostolic Platform (la Plataforma Apostólica), like the former residence of the relics in the house of Ejercicios de la Purísima and the former Campanar community (in the photo).

This year, “baby Jesus” has brought an enormous gift. Yes, this year the Nativity has out done itself with its gifts to the Epifanía, and from the 26th of December, the Hospitalidad programme in Valencia takes credit for a new place of refuge. Two refuge families already share one of the “small shelters” from the Saint Joseph Professional Schools (Escuelas Profesionales de San José).

2020 begins with places that develop #EnCompañía: the allocation of places by the Saint Joseph Professional Schools, the donations from the community and the furniture donations from the Ignatian family allows us to “widen the strings of our shop” to accommodate.

The SJM team, as part of the Social Apostolic Platform of Valencia (la Plataforma Apostólica Social de Valencia), begin the year with gratefulness, sharing this good news, and by wishing you a blessed hope (Esperanza) for 2020.

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