Red Íncola celebrates its 10th anniversary, a period during which it has supported 8,200 immigrants

The organisation Red Íncola is celebrating its tenth birthday and is taking the opportunity to look back on a period during which the stand-out  figure has to be the 8,200 migrants in Valladolid who have been helped through their welcoming, training, support, work, food and companionship… the NGO’s representatives give an assessment of this period from three angles: the reality of immigration in Valladolid, past and present; the history of Red Íncola, its adaptation and management; and the celebration of the Intercultural Festival was the culmination of efforts to promote cultural and religious encounters, which is the main goal of this foundation year on year.


The memory of these ten years is rooted in Red Íncola’s origins, which really began in the 90s before it was registered as an association in 2006. Alberto Ares, head of the Social Sector of the Compañía de Jesús, explains the steps taken to lay the foundations of the Red: from the generosity of the religious institutions which endorsed it, providing financial sustainability and transparency, to the ability to adapt to new demands. In addition, he noted the new fields of activity of the large network which supports the hospitality campaign: welcoming refugees and working together with public administrations.


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