Our vision goes beyond short-term solutions. We firmly believe that we need to understand the underlying causes of migration, understand the people who are going down that road, and let us be touched by their reality; only then will we be able to generate far-reaching changes which will involve a deep commitment to justice and equality.


Public awareness raising activities are therefore a key element of our work, as they allow us to expose this reality through different materials you should learn about.

I want to raise awareness


Our work in Education for Global Citizenship is aimed at contributing to promote a culture of hospitality, solidarity and coexistence in diversity among young people. We seek their involvement and commitment by increasing their awareness and understanding of global processes such as human mobility; we also try that they build a close relationship with host communities and with the planet, which belongs to all of us. Finally, our aim is to help creating a shared identity, cosmopolitan in spirit and based on solidarity and respect for the diversity of personal and cultural identities.

Our educational materials are an invitation to put us in the shoes and the heart of those who live and die trying to cross borders. They are deliberately designed to move us and make us aware of our own borders.