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Learning about the underlying causes of migratory movements, understanding the people who are experiencing the migratory process and empathising with their situation is vital if we want to bring about a social transformation based on a commitment to solidarity, inclusion and justice. At Hospitalidad we believe that everyone can be an agent of change in their communities.

We have launched our Global Citizenship Education initiative to help cultivate a culture of hospitality, solidarity and coexistence in diversity among young people.

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We are migrants exhibition

© Jaime Puebla

We Are Migrants is a photography exhibition designed to raise awareness about the lives of migrants and refugees at different borders across the world.

© Rafael Olivares

The photographs featured in the exhibition were shot by renowned photojournalists from around the world. This sample of images shapes a journey through different contexts of migration and refuge to reveal a common reality intrinsic to all human beings: migration has been and continues to be a phenomenon that is both inherent to humankind and a sign of the times. We should never forget that we are all migrants.

© José Hernández Claire

This exhibition is promoted by the Hospitalidad (Hospitality) campaign together with three other social organisations:

  • Entreculturas
  • JMS Mexico
  • JMS Spain

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Your help is fundamental for building a culture based on solidarity and inclusion of refugees and migrants. We are counting on you to help create Hospitalidad initiatives and solutions that will make the world a fairer place.

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Pact for Hospitality
There is an urgent need for a comprehensive response that defends the right to safe migration at every stage and that helps to construct new discourses, values and forms of coexistence that will allow us to move forward in the construction of a single human family and a new kind of society.
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