A look at the experiences of reception at Hospitalidad.

On International Migrants Day (18th December), the Jesuit Migrant Service (SJM) launched this video campaign to explain how the Hospitality Communities work, which it set up in Spain almost 3 years ago.

The project covers Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Bilbao and Valencia. It involves families, or both secular and religious communities helping to provide shelter for refugee individuals and families. Over 300 volunteers make up the network, which has taken in more than 300 migrants in need of protection over these three years.

This reception project seeks to respond twice: the first reception is an emergency and temporary one, of migrants who have arrived to Spain and who cannot get access to resources from the reception system due to there being a shortage of places. This reception period is no longer than 9 months, and lasts until people can get access to a place in the reception system. On the other hand, there is long-term reception (up to 2 years) of vulnerable migrants, especially families, once they have exhausted the benefits offered by the reception system and need more support to achieve autonomy for themselves.

The experiences seek to articulate citizen solidarity in order to: provide a comprehensive response to migrants that responds to gaps in the national system of protection and integration; and to promote experiences of encounter and hospitality that facilitate integration, coexistence and construction of plural societies.

Within the framework of the Society of Jesus’ Hospitality Campaign, the SJM network, through local works, has encouraged the implementation of these communities. In these videos you can see all that this experience has generated, both in people who have been welcomed as in the hospitality communities. Specifically, in the network of families in Barcelona, in the Comunidad de Guadalupe (Community of Guadalupe Parish) (Madrid), in Casa Mambré (Seville), in Jesuiten Extea (Bilbao) and in Valencia’s ‘Acogemos en Compañía’


Barcelona.  Network of Families

Madrid. Community of Guadalupe Parish.

Seville. Casa Mambré.

Bilbao. Jesuiten Etxea (Durango)

Valencia. Acogemos en Compañía

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