5th Anniversary of the Tarajal Tragedy

As of Wednesday, February 6th, five years have passed since one of the greatest tragedies that has occurred at the Spanish border. 15 people lost their lives on the beach at Tarajal, Ceuta, when police fired rubber bullets at migrants who were trying to swim to the Ceuta coast. This action has since come under investigation.

After closing the court case, the Cádiz Provincial Court ordered it reopened in order to clarify the conditions under which these 15 people died, and if crimes were committed by the security forces, arguing a lack of intent after listening to witnesses to the tragedy. Since that fateful day of February 6, 2014, several organizations are working with the families of the victims and the survivors, who even now, five years later, continue to fight to get justice, find the truth, and claim reparations. The homage we pay every year on this date to the people who die at the border is the best way to remember them and give them the dignity that was taken from them by force on that day.

This time, a protest in front of the Ministry of the Interior, on the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, drew some 150 people to call once again for new migration policies that respect human rights and honor the memory of those who died in the tragedy at Tarajal. It was organized by several groups, including the Coordinadora de Barrios, the Red Solidaria de Acogida or the Red Interlavapiés, and the participants read aloud testimonies of the survivors and witnesses of this incident, played recorded audio from that day, recited poetry, and expressed their principal claims in a joint demonstration.

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